Tech West Coast Willys Club

Drag Race ET Conversions-1/8 mile to 1/4 mile,

Compression Ratio Engine Horsepower Calculations-Virtual Engine Dyno

Puke Tank Tech-Tony Cortez- Trueline-El Cajon, California

Bob Hudson’s ’39 Willys Pickup, Bakersifeld, Ca Rod&Custom Magazine August 1990

Old Magazines West Coast Willys Club-Willys Words

Bab Sargis’ 40 Willys Pickup Crestwood, Kentucky American Rodder Magazine Febuary 1990

Article “1933-42 Willys: Half the gas…twice the Smartness” Karl S. Zahm Collectable Automobile, June 8, 1988

Booklet “Willys 77 America’s Depression Years Model T and Ancestor of the Jeep” Herman Sass, Editor Buffalo, NY 1988

1938 Willys Sales Brochure

1937-38 Willys Radios

1941-42 Willys Radios

1933 Willys 77 The New Era Care, CARS & PARTS Magazine, January 1971-This article copy was donated for sharing by an old hot rod friend in San Diego, Joe Vidali

1909-1955 Willys Serial Numbers: Brigham, Greg, “The Serial Number Book for U.S. Cars 1900-1975,” Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI, 1994, pages 272-273. The author credits Willys Overland Knight Registry or WOKR for this information which he included in his book on the pages above.

Willys 1941-1942 Chassis Layout pdf copy Willys 1941-1942 Chassis Layout jpeg copy

Willys Weather Strip Lengths-Ron Ladley-Reproductions by

Ford Speedometer Transmission Gear Adapter Calcultor

Willys-Overland Motors Mechanic’s Manual General Data Pages A-9-A-12

A-9 pdf copy  A-10 pdf copy  A-11 pdf copy    A-12 pdf copy

Willys 1937 Thru 1942 Serial numbers and frame and body locations pdf copy

Willys Serial Number Chart 1 and Chart 2 contributed by Bill Jansen

Willys Serial Numbers-“THE SERIAL NUMBER BOOK FOR U.S. CARS 1900-1975” Grace Brigham, Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI, 1994, Pages 272-273 1937-1942

Overland Design

Willys Pickup Bed Plans Donated by Bill Jansen & Russ Rowe via Charlie Stephens Willys pickup beds are identical to 1937-41 Chevy pickup truck beds 1937-38.

Willys Pickup Bed Specs 1   Willys Pickup Bed Specs 2

1937-38(’39Pickup) Headlight Conversion

1937-42 Willys Sun Visors


Videos-Very Cool One!