1937-42 Willys Pickup Bed Specifications and Build-Bill Jansen-click to download a PDF copy or view and page through it below(3 pages).

Renowned car builder, Willys expert  and hot rodder, Bill Jansen of Shoalhaven Heads, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, used a set of original plans for the Willys pickup bed provided by Charlie Stephens to build from scratch a metal bed for his personal ’37 Willys Pickup, shown below.

1937-42 Willys Pickup bed

1938 Willys Pickup Bed Construction-Ron Lambrecht-Page through the embedded PDF below

The floor panels are not easy to find but I discovered they remained unchanged until at least the mid ‘50s on Jeeps with the exception of dimension.  The original bed sides were welded to the floor pan and, of course, it is vulnerable to rust so I bolted my sides to the floor vice welding them in place.  Some future owner will thank me, Ron

Willys pickup bed