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West Coast Willys Club car plaques are available(Sample painted….my personal one on the Willys). Contact Mike Brattland at West Coast Willys Club,  …….Plaques are $35 plus postage/packaging ($10)to send it to you. $45 total in US dollars. This will work here in US as well as anywhere outside of the US……..If you are ordering from Canada, please send the US dollars via a Canandian Postal Money Order in US Dollars. check with me to see if I have them.

West Coast Willys Club T-Shirts-Contact Kevin Perry directly below for T-Shirts and Patches



The T-Shirts are light grey with full color logo on the back and a small logo on the left front. $20 each and $5 shipping in the US, $12 foreign. Sizes are S,M,L,XL,XXL,and XXXL.

Kevin Perry has a a limited number of embroidered jacket patches for $17.50 shipped. Kevin will soon have available a soft cover book called “Willys Words: A Compilation” that is a reprint of all issues of Willys Words bound into a book. This will be $22.50 plus $5 shipping. $12 foreign.
Currently taking orders. You can pay by check, money order or paypal. My email is  . Thanks guys!

Sample T-Shirt Front   T-Shirt Back  Jacket Patch
West Coast Willys Club Decals-Contact Doug Gray
Doug Gray, 11656 Red Cloud Rd., Powell Butte, Oregon. 97753.  and phone number 541-548-3322.
WCWC small decals (2 3/4″x4 3/4″) and WCWC large decals (5″x9″)
Prices small WCWC Decal $4.50each USA includes shipping; large WCWC Decal $7.75 each includes shipping